Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kayaking Myakka River State Park

Anne and I met at Myakka River State Park at 9:30 am this morning. We left her car in the parking lot by the exit point of the river and put her kayak on top of mine in the back of the truck. We then drove my truck to the launch site by the concession building. We launched at 10:11 am and paddled down river 6.5 miles in 3 hours 22 minutes. We went up a few side channels because the trip is not very long.
April10-2010 Myakka River Stste Park April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark01
The weather was beautiful and sunny. Along the way we saw 89 alligators. Some big and some small but all scary. 
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark04 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark07
The scenery along most of the river is bland because of the lack of trees. There was a nice current with us and a wind to our backs. This was a very easy paddle.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark10 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark11
Most of the alligators we saw were on the bank sunning themselves.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark13 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark14
We saw a few birds, a turkey, a deer and some wild boar. There were some beautiful scenery views where there were trees.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark17 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark19
We encountered a few canoeists and kayakers. We also saw a lot of buzzards in the trees and flying around.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark21 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark23
More alligators and the view of the Canopy Walk tower.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark24 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark25
We passed under the bridge where people were looking at the alligators. Just past the bridge we stopped by the parking lot to stretch our legs.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark28 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark29
We could only see a couple of alligators from the bridge. Here is Anne with the warning sign and the people by the bridge helping us shove off.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark31 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark33
We ran across these two kayakers just down river from the bridge.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark35 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark36
The scenery here was beautiful and lots more alligators.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark37 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark40
We finally arrived at the Clark Road bridge. Another group of kayakers were in this area.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark43 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark46
When we got back to the exit point there was a big birthday celebration going on there. And another alligator in the water by where we exited.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark47 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark48 
We exited the river here and loaded Anne’s kayak on her car and locked mine to a tree while we drove back to the launch site to get my truck. On the way out we saw this deer. Thanks for the picture Anne.
April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark49 April10-2010KayakingMyakkaRiverStatePark50

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